NoMaDoS creates a surprise box for you that is full of creativities and fun.

NoMaDoS develops diverse ideas, solid design and equipment capabilities, and cross-platform services.

Members of NoMaDoS

NoMaDoS is an architectural office consisting of first-class architects who have been active in the cross-cutting architectural domain of design, environment and structure.
We have accumulated various experiences, a diverse range of achievements from large-scale architectural projects in Japan and abroad to minimal design such as narrow design.

We do not propose “passive” designs that have been seen in many markets so far, but propose “valuable” designs and facilities based on experimental and challenging mindset.
In addition, even in areas other than design, we do business creation and project development without being tied to the form of past architecture.

We NoMaDoS is a group of building creators who give surprises to your life by using the world as an experimental site and using architecture as an experimental tool.


伊勢崎勇人 - Hayato Isezaki

NoMaDoS CEO / first-class architect

Career: Ise graduated from the Graduate School of Urban and Architectural Studies at Northeast University. After working as an architect at a large design firm for several years, he founded the first-class architectural firm "NoMaDoS"; the art production company "tremolo"; the 3D printing construction company "Polyuse"; and the circular space company "Spacewasp". He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple venture companies. His activities cover a wide range, including architecture, real estate, art, digital and manufacturing.


千葉光 - Hikaru Chiba

Architectural Design Division manager / first-class architect

Career: After completing a master's course in Tohoku University Graduate School of Urban and Architectural Studies, he worked at KUME SEKKEI and co-founded NoMaDoS First Class Architect Office.
Engaged in architectural design, taking advantage of experience in charge of projects across a wide range of accommodation facilities, commercial facilities and educational facilities in and outside Japan.
Managing architects at Tohoku office from April 2019.


高橋良輔 - Ryosuke Takahashi

Environmental Design Division manager /first-class architect

Career: Graduated from Tohoku University, completed the same graduate school. After working with Taikisha Ltd., and Izumi System Planning, Inc., established NoMaDoS First Class Architect Office.
He specializes in building equipment design and energy saving planning.
In addition, he manages applications for energy saving notification, suitability judgment, application for CASBEE notification, ZEB consulting, etc.


池島直貴 - Naoki Ikejima


熊本大学工学部 電気システム工学科卒業。


古澤奈央子 - Naoko Furusawa

構造設計部 / 構造設計統括



乙坂譜美 - Fumi Otosaka

Director of Tohoku Office / Chief of Architectural Design Division / first-class architect

Career: After graduating from Tohoku University Master's Program in Graduate School of Urban and Architectural Studies. joined "Atelier Tekuto". Engaged in small houses, accommodation facilities, interiors, old house rennovation and material development projects.
Participated in NoMaDoS from August 2018. Specializes in design work such as graphic and logo design.


吉田航 - Wataru Yoshida

Architectural Design Division manager at the Tohoku Office / first-class architect

Career: He joined Kuki Design after graduating from Fukui University in 2010. Based in Morioka City, he has been involved in a diverse range of projects, from public architecture design to project supervision. He has also worked on various design projects for both public and private sectors, such as schools, hospitals, daycare centers, and rental buildings. Mr. Yoshida joined our NoMaDoS family in 2023.


小幡泰章 - Yasuaki Obata

Architectural Design Division manager at the Nasu Office / first-class architect

Career: After graduating from the graduate school of Shibaura Institute of Technology in 2016, he joined Takamatsu Construction. In 2020, he switched to work at KARIYA ARCHITECT&ASSOCIATES and then joined NoMaDoS in 2022. He currently resides in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, and is dedicated to design based on his extensive experience, covering a diverse range of projects from apartment plans, and small-scale homes to medium-sized commercial facilities.


中村 渚

Environmental Design Division / garden designer

<Career>: After graduating from a Junior College of Veterinary Nursing. She also learnt about human medical studies. Then jump into the world of garden design, at the same time she understand the charming points of gardens and plants. She works as designer to design and propose the appearance of the general residence, moreover, she try her best to create a sustainable system in society.
In order to seek new possibilities, participated in NoMaDoS from August 2019. She working at Niigata office now. She does some experiments and study at home every day so as to provide an ideal living space for people, animals and plants.


永井和幸 - Kazuyuki Nagai

Environmental Design Department / Actor

Career: After graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology and completing postgraduate studies at the same institution, the individual worked at Akeno Facility Resilience Inc. and MITANI SANGYO Co., Ltd. before joining NoMaDoS. There, he was primarily involved in the design of mechanical equipment for office buildings, kindergartens, commercial facilities, factories, and hospitals. Currently, he is based in Kanazawa, pursuing his personal interests, and also working as an actor.




Career: After graduating from Kyushu University Graduate School, Mina worked at Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd. and has now joined the NoMaDoS family. Mina holds qualifications as a first-class architect, building equipment engineer, fire defense equipment officer , and associate professional engineer. She has always believed in the motto of "being environmentally friendly and enriching people's lives." Currently based in Kanazawa, she became a mother to a child in 2022.



Environmental Design Department/Musician

After dropping out of Osaka University of Arts, Takuto began working at the alternative space "adanda" through an internship, engaging in music activities. Since 2016, he has moved into the shared apartment "Misawakurasu" in Yamagata City, where he collaborates with artists, architects, designers, and others in creative activities and communal living. In 2018, he relocated to Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, working as a staff member for contemporary art exhibitions at the Mito City Museum of Contemporary Art, aiming to achieve a balance between creative work and life during the pandemic. Starting in 2022, Takuto joined Ikeda Equipment Design Office, primarily focusing on electrical equipment design for public buildings within Ibaraki Prefecture. Since 2024, he has joined NoMaDoS. Currently, he is based in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, actively pursuing his activities.


黒木莉佳 - Rika Kuroki

Real estate Division manager / residential land building trader

Career: After graduating from a vocational school, she worked for seven years at a real estate company in Tokyo.
After that, she was involved in a real estate venture and joined NoMaDoS in February 2019 as general manager of real estate division.
She is also a mother who is giving birth in 2018. In NoMaDoS office, she and her child work and play together surrounded by smiles of other members!


本田 - Honda

Real estate Division/ Planner

After graduating from college, she first worked in the wedding coordinating industry and then transferred to a real estate company in Tokyo.
When she was engaged in various real estate services, she was fascinated by the field of architectural design.
She joined NoMaDoS's real estate department in March 2020.
Currently she is deepening her understanding of real estate especially in living space design and interior design.


瀬戸口 稜二 - Ryoji Setoguchi

Business Manager

<Career>: After graduating from Hiroshima University, he became a salesperson at Sangetsu.
Then, after working in the sales department at Aidma Holdings, Inc. and leaving a track record, he was transferred to the corporate planning department.
Since 2019, in addition to being the CMO of the art company tremolo, he has also participated in the establishment of an Ed-tech startup, the revitalization of the Fukui area, and the prop tech business.


黃嘉儀 - Wong Ka Yee


Career: A Hong Kong-born translator. Quarter with Swedish.
While studying history at a university in Hong Kong, she has published a historical book. After graduation, she plan and carry out a world trip to expands her knowledges about this world.
Thanks to this experience, she became to able to speak eight languages ​​at a high level and start working as a translator / interpreter.

Also spreads a wide range of hobbies such as astronomy, football, music, science fiction.
She tries to be friendly and to be a friend with anyone in everywhere all the time.

Ka Yee

Company name

NoMaDoS Co., Ltd.


<Kanto Base>(Registrations)
21F, Shin-Marunouchi Center Building, 1-6-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo, 100-0005 JAPAN

<Tohoku Base>
#201 kippushi Apt, 9-10, Moriokaekimae kitadori, Morioka-shi, Iwate, 020-0033, Japan

<Tokai Base>
1-1, Nagara, Gifu shi, Gifu, 502-0071, Japan


CEO:Hayato Isezaki
Director:Ryosuke Takahashi
Director:Hikaru Chiba


14th June 2018


First-Class Architect Office
Tokyo: First-class Architect Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Registration No. 62556
Tōhoku :First-class Architect Office, Iwate Prefecture Registration No .あ(2904)1979

Real Estate Brokerage
Tokyo Metropolitan Registration (2)No.103393


7 First-Class Registered Architects
2 Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineer
1 Assessor of CASBEE
1 Real Estate Agent


Architectural Design (Architectural Design・Structural Engineering・ Mechanical Engineering)
Interior Design
Design Consultation(Coordinate Furniture/Interior)
Measuring Environmental Conditions, Temperature and Humidity
Design and Manufacturing of Furniture and Products
Manufacturing of Products
Project Consultant, Planning
Professional Brand Consultant
PR Planning
Media Design and Production
Media Management and Planning
Sustainable Service
Real Estate Brokerage

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