NoMaDoS came up with the idea that "If you have such a world, what kind of architecture will you create?"

And NoMaDoS creates imaginary architectures called "New World Achitecture".

Consider the possibility of construction from the environmental and cultural settings of "if" in real cities in the world. The free research content unique to NoMaDoS, considering an architecture that seems likely but unlikely.

This is NoMaDoS's clock ticking with "events" in which content produced at the same moment is displayed among content with keywords such as "Architecture" "Design" "Art".

A new world where you can enjoy and enjoy the moment with everyone in the world.

A map of the future of the world map of NoMaDoS, where the New World Architecture will be published

"How will the world change if you combine that with this!"

NoMaDoS is a group of building creators who wanted to sublimate in the playground called "Architecture", a desire full of curiosity that everyone had once in life.

The time when new ideas are more valuable due to the diversification of interpretation of “a rich life”.

Unique and resident-optimized architecture created by experimental ideas and solid capabilities, connecting rural areas with cities triggered by architecture, unique and totally new urban development, etc.

We aim to revitalize architecture and society through free ideas and value proposals.
It's like having a child create something that wakes up with innocent creativity.

NoMaDoS delivers ideas of architecture and future by adults who are passionate about "creative action"