Interstellar Oasis

In this edition of New World Architecture, we shift our gaze towards the vast expanse of the "cosmos."


In 2056, The cosmos becomes the new frontier.

The widespread adoption of WEB 4.0 and implant technology has revolutionised human communication, expanding our reach from Earth to the Moon and even beyond the solar system. Among them, the ultra-miniature artificial planet Polaria, located along the Möbius Line connecting Earth and the Moon, has quickly become a sought-after haven for tranquillity in the vastness of space, gaining increasing fame.

Elena is an ambitious space journalist. She aims to visit and capture the allure of various space facilities suspended along the Möbius Line, sharing their wonders with the world. This time, her focus is on the latest artificial planet, Polaria. 

As soon as Elena arrived at Polaria, she immediately realized that this planet was more than just an entertainment facility. The interior of Polaria resembled a complex maze, cleverly housing hotels, casinos, amusement parks, and various other recreational attractions. Elena was particularly amazed by the amusement park, which utilised lighting technology that mimicked natural sunlight, allowing people to indulge in the experience regardless of day or night. It was a floating amusement park in space, with 360-degree coverage wherever you stepped, offering a magical experience unlike any amusement park on Earth.

During her interview, Elena encountered Kai, the designer of Polaria. Kai revealed to Elena that Polaria was more than just an ordinary entertainment facility—it possessed a deeper significance. The construction of Polaria was based on the concept of space circular economy, utilizing resources extracted from space debris and asteroids. The materials produced internally were not only used to expand the outer shell of Polaria but also supplied to other space construction projects. In other words, Polaria achieved cleanliness in the space environment and efficient utilization of resources.

Elena, accompanied by Kai, embarked on a tour of the excavation facilities within Polaria, where the internal materials were used to expand its outer shell. Elena witnessed the facility harnessing solar energy to melt resources and witnessed the spectacle of new structures being created through interplanetary welding techniques and 3D printing. The sight of humanity utilizing cosmic resources to forge new living spaces left Elena speechless, utterly awestruck by the process unfolding before her eyes.

Elena ended the interview with Polaria. She deeply felt that this artificial planet represented human beings' dreams, ambitions and concern for the environment in space. Her article represents more than just Polaria, but also an opportunity to redefine space as a new realm of human life.

With the wave of human expansion into space, life became richer, but simultaneously, a shadow began to cast itself unnoticed over this domain. Elena obtained a new opportunity for an interview following Polaria. However, this time, the interview was entirely different from any before.

Polaria's mining activities had sparked the extraction of precious resources from space, presenting humanity with new possibilities. However, as the value of these materials soared, dark organizations and cartels seeking to monopolize these interests emerged, and the influence of the space's underworld rapidly expanded.

The situation triggered an expansion of power for the Cosmic Police. To combat space-related crimes, they obtained unprecedented authority. They grew more formidable than any earthly power institution, gradually transforming into an unscrupulous superpower organization that would stop at nothing.

Elena resolved to direct her focus towards the dark underbelly of Polaria and the confrontation with the superpower organization. Her goal was to unveil how Polaria, beyond being a haven for enriched lives, had become a symbol of power and how it was being manipulated.

During her interview, Elena encountered a young Cosmic Police agent named Jack. Jack revealed to Elena the truth about the dark underworld of space and the challenges faced by the Cosmic Police in confronting it. Through Jack's narrative, we learned that in their pursuit of justice, they often grappled with numerous ethical dilemmas, leading to internal divisions and conflicts.

Elena covertly made contact with Aria, a member of the dark organization. Aria unveiled how the organization exploited the valuable resources of space, reaping immense profits. However, through their conversations, Elena sensed that Aria's instinct for self-preservation surpassed her loyalty to the organization.

Behind the majestic scenery of Polaria, a fierce battle unfolded between the dark underworld and the superpower organization. To share this intricate situation with the world, Elena crafted a captivating article. This piece unveiled the light and darkness brought forth by Polaria, provoking thought-provoking questions in the minds of readers.

Upon its publication, the article sparked a tremendous response. People were shocked by the dark realities lurking behind the exploration of the cosmos, yet it also ignited passionate discussions addressing these issues. Elena's article focused on the challenges faced in the cosmic frontier, prompting individuals to contemplate how humanity should confront this emerging realm—the universe.


The architectures of Polaria

Polaria, this small artificial planet, surpasses people's imagination in its appearance, becoming a breathtaking marvel of architecture. Its gleaming metallic exterior radiates in the boundless darkness of the cosmos, making its presence felt even from afar. The surface of Polaria is composed of multiple domes and protrusions, each designed as an independent space with distinct functions. At the heart of it all lies the central main dome, serving as the core of Polaria, granting access to various facilities.

Inside the main dome, the light streams in from the lofty ceiling, illuminating the interior plaza. These rays of light, captured through specialized optical materials embedded in the outer walls, imbue the space with a natural light-like quality. At the centre of the plaza, there stands an art installation that utilizes water and light in its creation, symbolizing the fusion of the cosmos and Earth.

The Cosmic Hotel is situated on the outer walls of Polaria, designed seamlessly to provide panoramic views of the magnificent cosmos. Each room features enormous windows that seamlessly blend with the exterior walls, offering guests the chance to gaze upon the starry expanse and the distant Earth. The interior decor is characterized by minimalist design, while warm materials are carefully selected to create a sense of earthly comfort amidst the vastness of space.

On the other hand, the Cosmic Casino stands as the centrepiece of Polaria's comprehensive entertainment complex. This facility boasts a vast space adorned with meticulously crafted lighting and sound effects, and it is filled with numerous gaming tables and slot machines. Embracing a cosmic theme, it exudes a captivating allure, immersing visitors in an adventure of another world. The ceiling is adorned with lighting that simulates celestial constellations, allowing individuals to experience the mystery of the universe amidst the thrill of gambling.

The architecture of Polaria goes beyond providing functional spaces; it presents a design that instils a sense of awe and reverence in visitors towards the unknown realm of the universe. Each building represents a pursuit of the possibilities of human existence in a cosmic environment, an endeavour to forge new horizons in architectural vision.

Through the depiction of these architectural marvels, we can perceive that Polaria is not just a cosmic facility but a place where human life in the universe becomes enriched, where dreams are transformed into reality. It represents the unwavering spirit of humanity's pursuit of progress and exploration, seeking their future within the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.


※This story is a work of fiction. 

The place names, technologies, names, etc., are all fictional and have no relation to the real world.

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