YOKOSAWA CAMPUS is a co-working space located in the Hizume shopping street in Shiwa-cho, Shiwagun, Iwate Prefecture. One part of the space has been renovated into a café.

The building was self-renovated by the owner and friends over several years after being relocated to this location. In recent years, it has been used by local residents as a co-working space. However, since it was originally a residence, seeing the lively interior from the outside was difficult.

The owner attempted to create a new reason for people to visit by offering coffee and trying to make a more open gathering place for more people. Inspired by the history of Hizume, which used to have many wells, the concept of a "modern Idobata"(※1) was implemented in this project.

Utilizing the existing windows and floor plan, cedar panelling extending from the exterior to the interior walls gives visitors a more positive and open impression.

In addition, the stepped bar counter that changes in height, originally the flooring of the entrance, kitchen, and the road in front, creates a difference with the surrounding environment and provides an opportunity for people of different generations to interact.

We hope that the modern Idobata appearing on the street corner will become a place that local residents will frequent for many years.

(※1: "Iidobata" originally referred to women chatting while doing chores such as drawing water or washing clothes by a well. Now it mostly refers to housewives chatting casually during their daily routines.)


  • Stepped bar counter that changes in height around the owner

  • Cedar wood panelling that extends from the exterior to the interior walls

  • Mortex walls integrated with the existing building

[Property Overview]

Primary use: Restaurant

Location: Shiwa-cho, Shiwagun, Iwate Prefecture

Building area: 58.78㎡

Floor: 1st floor

Structure: Wood construction

[Project Members]

Architectural Design: NoMaDoS / Naoya Yoshikawa, Fumi Otosaka, Hikaru Chiba

Equipment Design: Ryosuke Takahashi

Construction: A.hand.s (Toshihiko Fugane)

Plastering: EIKOU Co., Ltd.
※ Renovation of the existing co-working space and painting of some fixtures were done by the client.

Photography: Ito Takamune Photography Office