Maruno Ceramic Tiles Co., Ltd. (Maruno INC.) is celebrating its 90th anniversary. This is a plan to rebrand and renovate the headquarters of a company that has been supporting the well-known tile projects of Morioka City buildings.

Maruno Corporation has been engaged in tile projects for almost 90 years since its inception, and its headquarters building has a history of 50 years, accumulating long-term technology and history.

The renovation design is not a complete makeover but uses the concept of tiles, with history "covering" and "stacking" like tiles, using "layers" as the design concept, and designing both exterior and interior in this style.


  • The design emphasizes showcasing the history of Maruno, tiles, and the company's headquarters building, expressing it like "layers" on the exterior and interior design.

  • The exterior design uses a "double-skin" structure to improve thermal insulation performance and reduce solar load, among other environmental performance factors.

  • In the interior design, a "ノ-shaped counter" is set up to trace the history of tiles and display their types and trends.

  • The space design has an exhibition room style, allowing visitors to experience various tiles and their usage.

Property Summary

Primary Use: Office

Location: Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

Building Area: 268.53㎡

Floor: 2 floors above ground

Structure: Steel

After Renovation

Before Renovation

Project Team Members

Architectural Design: NoMaDoS / Fumi Otosaka, Hikaru Chiba

Environmental Design: NoMaDoS / Ryosuke Takahashi

Structural Design: Betania Architectural Office / Shigeki Sasaki

Lighting Design: TILe / Yasuyoshi Iwakabe

Construction: Maruno Corporation

Photography: Ito Taka Munetaka Photo Office