08 NOV 2022

Decomposable zero-waste store - Totoya Kyoto Main Store


Through the sustainable service ‘slowz’ developed and operated by NoMaDoS, we have partnered with Totoya Co., Ltd. and launched a project that always prioritises sustainability and zero waste, from discussing store locations to space design.

Totoya Co., Ltd. imports, wholesales, and retails organic food, wine, bulk display cases, and eco-friendly goods. In addition, they have participated in many initiatives that contribute to realising a sustainable society.

Through this project, our client hopes to become a model for future sustainable architecture and commercial spaces that can be spread throughout society by grasping the meaning of selling by weight and commercial buildings. Therefore, they proposed a space requirement that combines the effectiveness of a by-weight sales supermarket and a zero-food waste restaurant.


・Possibility of disassembly and reconstruction: From the perspective of zero waste, easy disassembly of the interior and display cases using bolt connections without using adhesive will preserve resources and increase the possibility of reuse in the future. At the same time, we are working to eliminate future waste by making it easier to rebuild afterwards.

・Reuse/movement: Planning with new decomposable interior and display cases and easy-to-transport component modules while maximising the reuse of existing interior and equipment.

・Material history and time: By visualising the history of time, including information on sustainable zero waste. By showing one side of the preserved antique materials, we also leave behind the processed antique materials. In addition, we plan to accumulate visualised time through designs that can be DIY.

・In-store circulation: With the flexibility to change the floor plan and layout according to party specifications, the ingredients supplied in the store can be cooked in the restaurant area in the same space without food loss.

【Property Summary】

Primary Use: Retail store/restaurant

Location: 1F, Osawa Jimusho Honsha Building, 252 Demizu-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Renovation Area: 190m2

Floor: 1st floor

Structure: Steel frame structure

▼The following are photos of the current state before renovation.

【Project Team Members】

Architectural design: NoMaDoS / (Saki Nishida), Hikaru Chiba

※ () denotes members of the company at the time.

Environmental design: NoMaDoS / Ryosuke Takahashi

Construction: Hontai Construction Co., Ltd. /関西リフォーム研究所


Photography: Provided by Totoya Co., Ltd.

※ Building photos were not taken.